24 março 2010

2 years and a lot of water under the bridge

Today we complete 2 years since Twitter connected us!

A lot of water ran under the bridge since then, including a trip to Montreal, another to Seattle, one to São Paulo/Brazil (where she met my family and friends), another to Dallas (where I met her family - including daughter - and friends)... a trip to Paris (where I proposed)... a country move (mine, from São Paulo to Boston), a department change (mine, from Consultant to Technical Instructor)... a job change (hers)... a marriage (ours)... a state move (hers, from Dallas to Boston)... the arrival of our baby girl...

As you can see, we have been pretty busy!

But reading through these will never properly explain how much impact those two years had on both our lifes (and other people's life as well)... it included lots of laughter, as well as plenty of crying... it included many many talks, and quite a few monologues too.

We're still trying (and who isn't?) to learn how to deal better with each other, with our different personalities, our different cultures, our different lifes that somehow got mixed together to form a new one (and I really wish that Elizabeth Gilbert would have released her book a little bit earlier, as it could have helped us a lot :) - and it still can).

What I can say is this: my life would never be same without that tweet, without her. I've done, have dealt with and have grown more in those two years than I did the other 27 years. And I know there is still a long way to go: this is just the beginning.

Happy anniversary, babe!