27 novembro 2008

It's Thanksgiving, so "Thank You"!

It's Thanksgiving today, and although we don't celebrate it here in Brazil, this is a holiday that I really like due to its intent.

We usually spend so many time in our life thinking (and sometimes complaining) about what we wish we had that we don't find time to be grateful for all the wonders that we already received. And as Irving Berlin once said,

"Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it."

So, this is my turn to say a big Thank You for everything that I'm grateful for.


I'm grateful for my family, for how much they love me and for how much I love them. From my parents I learned everything I know in terms of character, respectfulness, truthfulness and love. I have a brother that would do anything for me (I would do just the same), and a sister that was supposed to be "in-law" but she is just like a blood-sister to me.


I'm grateful for my health, for the fact that although I may have a hard time now and then with my rhinitis, I never had anything really serious.


I'm grateful for my job, that even though things may not always go as I wish (and they will never do, btw), I love what I do, lots of times I have great pleasure doing it, and I have made so many amazing friends all these years that are a big part of my life.


I'm grateful for all friends that I have. Do you know that special person, with whom you feel completely at ease to talk about anything? That person with whom you can talk hours and hours without noticing the time passing by? That person that makes you laugh, that cries on your shoulder, that you simply can't see sad without been affected too? I have lots of people like this around me.


I'm grateful for my home. It's rented, some people would say that it's small and it has only one big room (which makes me call it a studio), but it also has a beautiful terrace where I have a small garden, it gets bathed by the sun the whole day, it's amazingly well-located and I have a spectacular view of the city.


I'm really really grateful for one of greatest things in life, that is to love and be loved in return. I met a person that has all the virtues that I value, and although we live so many many thousands of miles away, when this year expires on Dec 31st we will be together and we would have seen each other 5 times in so many different parts of the world (Montreal, Seattle, Brazil, Dallas and Paris). She is not only my love, but also a true friend, with whom I can talk about my (and her) life, my (and her) dreams... about everything.

There are so many things that I'm grateful for that I could spend a whole day (or even more) writing about everything that is special to me... about every little thing that I have that makes my life so happy. But I know that you two that read my blog have more things to do on this beautiful day, so I'll stop here.

What about you? What are the things that you are immensely grateful for? I will love to hear them.

Thank you.

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