16 dezembro 2008

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged for the first time (Yaaay! :), by Lauren Vargas, so here is my list of "Seven Things You Don't Know About Me":

- My brother (who is one-year-and-seven-months-older than me) taught me how to read before I went to school (then I got there and disturbed everyone's else concentration until they decided to pass me to the next grade :)

- At school I was invited to play at the regional championship for both the soccer team and the handball team. I chose the soccer team, which didn't pass first phase. Handball team won the championship.

- I'm a Buffy fan... yeah, you read it right... I can name episodes, I know some lines by head, I have The Chosen Collection and I've watched "Once More, with Feeling" at least 10 times.

- I want to learn balroom dance

- I cheer for Argentina's soccer team (which is an offense by Brazilian standards) because they play with passion

- I don't know anything (at all) about cars (and I really don't mind that)

- All my (working) life I wanted to work abroad, and I decided that next year (2009) will be the starting point of this

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